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Prodim Plotter

The Prodim Plotter is the best budget solution for your business. It enables you to easily plot digital templates for production, design and or quality control. It ease the process to transfer your digital templates to hard copies. The plotter uses a pen or a sharpie to draw designs and Prodim Host software to operate it. You can also upgrade the plotter with a cutting option, using a drag knife and a vacuum table.

The Prodim Plotter solution is rigid and precise making it durable and a proud step forward for your business. It is easy to use, fast and effective, saves time and helps eliminate mistakes. This innovative flatbed solution can be used for many different purposes, in particular for canvas or boat cover cutting.

If the step to full CNC cutting is too big, the Prodim Plotter is your solution.

The Prodim Plotter comes in two sizes

The Prodim Plotter package includes: Enclosure, Arm and carrier, Pen Holder, Guide rail and Prodim Plotter Host software.

Image of the Prodim Plotter plotting using a sharpie

Prodim Plotter – Standard

  • Plotter range* : 7800 x 1830 mm / 307” x 72”
  • Min. Table dimensions: 8540 x 2440 mm / 336” x 96”
  • Plotter dimensions: 580 x 2440 x 140 mm / 22.8” x 96” x 5.5”

Prodim Plotter – Large

  • Plotter range* : 7800 x 2540 mm / 307” x 100”
  • Min. Table dimensions: 8540 x 3150 mm / 336” x 124”
  • Plotter dimensions: 580 x 3150 x 140 mm / 22.8” x 124” x 5.5”

* Depending on table dimensions and available space around the table.

Overview image of the Prodim Plotter

Prodim Plotter Host software

Specially developed software to run and operate the Prodim Plotter and to nest the parts of the measurements.

Screenshot of the Prodim Plotter Host software: Specially developed software to run and operate the Prodim Plotter and to nest the parts of the measurements.

Cutting add-on option

Image of the Prodim Plotter with cutting option displaying the knife holder and drag knife

Cutting Capability Upgrade

A budget upgrade fulfilling only basic cutting needs.

The upgrade includes:

  • A knife holder
  • Two different replaceable drag knifes
  • A specially upgraded software to run and operate the Prodim Plotter cutting option would be added

We advise to use the vacuum table for cutting.

The easy cutting capability upgrade is only compatible with the Prodim Plotter – Standard.

Drawing of the Prodim Plotter vacuum table option

Prodim (Vacuum) Table

To be able to provide a complete solution Prodim has developed its own vacuum table.

The vacuum table has these specifications:

  • Table dimensions: 8.54 m x 2.44 m / 28 ft x 8 ft
  • Section dimensions: 1.22 m x 2.44 m / 4 ft x 8 ft
  • Average vacuum area per section: 2.15 m2 / 23 ft
  • Strong and lightweight aluminium frame
  • Levelling feet for solid foundation of the table
  • Radial Vacuum Blower: high volume and high pressure
  • High flow vacuum sections for optimized vacuum power
  • PVC vacuum tube system


Table section options

  • Prodim table: 7 solid sections
  • Partial vacuum: 4 vacuum + 3 solid sections*
  • Full vacuum: 7 vacuum sections*

* Only available for the Prodim Plotter – Standard