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Prodim: Stone industry user experiences and references

Marble Design Studio - UK

Tony Henriques: “The Proliner has proven to be the most accurate, reliable, efficient, and flexible digital templating solution for us!”

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Sigvartsen Steinindustri - Norway

Sigvartsen Steinidustri: “The Proliner help us to deliver the best quality products to our customers and avoids misunderstandings between the templator and the fabricator!”

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Sauer GmbH - Germany

Genti Herri: “No matter the condition of the measurement, the weather, or the light, the Proliner does a brilliant job! To summarise, with it, we can measure everything, everywhere!”

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Miller Brothers - Ireland

Miller Brothers: “The Prodim Factory Fabricator software brings confidence in the final production drawings, the fitting, and in the final installation look!”

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Stone4you - Austria

Kwaf: “We can expand and template everything, anywhere!  Our favorite quality has to be the precision of each measurement.”

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