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Prodim: Automotive industry user experiences and references

Agra sp z.o.o - Poland

Rafal Szponar: “Since using the Proliner, the design process – which was always the longest in the entire production stage, now takes us only several minutes.” Read more

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Satsang Vanworks - USA

Mike: “All the guesswork of the curvatures and the radiuses is taken out. The Proliner is a really really brilliant tool.”

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Van den Hende - Belgium

Pascal and Victor: “With the Proliner, everything is done only once: we go 1 time to the customer, we measure, make and fit it once!”

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Kemperink Bedrijfswageninrichting - The Netherlands

Peter: “Measuring car floors and bodywork is accurate, fast and easy using the Proliner. The process of creating digital templates that can be used for production is much faster and far less labor-intensive than traditional cardboard templating.”

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Nuon Solar Team - The Netherlands

Nuon Solar Team used the Proliner to measure and create accurate 3D templates of the molds they produced for Nuna9. The team then compared the digital templates of the molds with their computer designs to eliminate any deviations for getting the best aerodynamic performance.

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