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Prodim: User experiences and references

Granitos Victor - Spain

Victor Rodriguez: “The Proliner will make our measuring process faster and more effective. It will also make sure that the fabricated stone constructions will fit on-site.”

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Planet Granite - United States

Ryan Dejong: “The Proliner is still the most efficient and versatile templating system in the stone industry. We are a very high volume company and can honestly say that I don’t know where we would be without our Proliners. Thank you again!”

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Royston Glass - United Kingdom

Andrew Rawson: “We wanted to improve our template process and after comparing different digital templating tools we concluded that the Proliner provides the most accurate digital templates and is easiest to work with.”

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TLC Surfaces - United States

Mike Alicea, owner of TLC Surfaces: “It was an easy decision to purchase a Proliner, since it will fulfill our needs to create more accurate templates and increase the number of kitchen and bathroom projects measured per day.”

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MatPlus - United States

Todd Green: “This machine can be used for measuring practically anything. It will help us achieve our goal to expand our business with boat decking.”

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Marmoles Anaga - Spain

Sr. Pérez Rodriguez: “Users from within the stone sector confirmed the Proliner’s accuracy and Prodim’s good after sales service. After that it was an easy decision.”

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