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Toronto Granite: “About the Proliner, I love how accurate the measurements are. They are always bang on!”

Toronto Granite is a family-owned and operated business, located in Mississauga, Canada and it has been founded in 2004 by Krasimir Petrov, together with his sons Bob & Mirko Petrov.

Before that, Krasimir Petrov owned a manufacturing shop called Tempotech Ltd. Due to the high volume of requests for cutting jobs, the first waterjet was purchased. Initially, this was to supply the machining and manufacturing industry.

Many of the local stone shops in the greater Toronto area would come to them to cut out, sinks, floor inlay or any other odd-shaped wall pieces, and because of the capability of the waterjet, they started to take on these projects. They felt the need to digitize many of the templates brought in for cutting and for this reason they decided to travel around the world and attend trade shows to search for the best product on the market that would help them do that.  That’s when in the mid-2000′ Toronto Granite discovered the Proliner at the Coverings trade fair – one of the largest ceramic tile and natural stone conference and exhibition in the U.S. and North America.

Toronto Granite – a countertop fabricator, and installer – provides a complete service from design, slab selection (featuring granite, Caesarstone, Silestone, and Diamastone quartz, marble, and glass materials to suit all customers needs), fabrication, and installation to maintenance of stone projects.

Mirko Petrov, explained how the Proliner came to help with the realization of their projects:

“Toronto Granite has been a Proliner user for 15 to 20 years. Nowadays we can produce as many countertops as we can measure in a day with the Proliner. The greater Toronto area is a very large space. Sometimes it can be 1-3 jobs scattered around the city and on other days it can be 20-40 jobs measured if they’re at the same location, such as a new subdivision or condo high rise, or hotel development.”

He continued:

“About the Proliner, I love how accurate the measurements are. Sometimes I verify the measurements with measurement tape, but they are always bang on! I also love that I never have to go back to our shop to deliver and explain the sizes. Everything is self-explanatory off of the sketches that I draw for our team and they can put the project into production ASAP after I email it over from the job sites.”


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