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Meyers Marine Upholstery & Graphics: “With the Proliner, we can cut our labor hours down, and maximize profits!”

Meyers Marine Upholstery & Graphics, from Florida, in the USA, is a company doing upholstery and canvas projects for boats. They invested in the Proliner Marine package and Prodim Plotter some time ago and Amy Meyers, Lee Meyers, and Danielle told us how is working with the Proliner:

“We use the Proliner to pattern all our marine Canvas projects. From Bimini tops to enclosures to full covers and even upholstery. We also have the Plotter from Prodim to take the 2D patterns and plot them out.

We went for the Proliner because it is the number one tool in digital patterning for the Marine Canvas industry. We also looked at how much time it saves us time. The weather was also a big factor. It is difficult to pattern with plastic in the wind. The Proliner solves that problem.

We measure all of our jobs with the Proliner and use the complete digital process. We are super excited about the time savings. That’s where the ROI comes into play. With the Proliner, we can cut our labor hours down, and maximize profits. We got to know the Proliner at an MFA event in Savannah a couple of years ago. We have had this on our wish list for a while now.”


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