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Garas Naturstein: “We recommend the Proliner without hesitating!”

Garas Naturstein, from Hofstetten, in Austria, is a company specialized in the production of kitchen worktops, laying work on terraces and step systems made of natural stone, as well as all kinds of cemetery work.

They decided to go for the Proliner Stone package since it is very practical and easy to use.

Rafael from the company: “The Proliner is the best machine to do measurements in the market. Before, we had a laser machine but it didn’t work for us. The Proliner, on the contrary, works perfectly! It has all the tools we need to get the work done. The precision level it manages to deliver during the measurements is stunning! The time and the waste (such as manual templates) we save in the whole process – from measurement to production – is also incomparable to our status quo. It is the most efficient machine to do digital measurements we have ever seen!’’

He kept up: “We got to know the Proliner through different colleagues in the business and they are also very happy using the Proliner. It is indeed great to use it! We recommend it without hesitating!’’