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Proliner Service and repair – Russia

What we do

Image of opening a Proliner for a complete overhaul

In service we take no chances

The measuring head will be dismantled completely

Image of Proliner parts inspection for service and or repair

Parts are thoroughly inspected and cleaned or replaced

The Proliner is often re-equipped with our latest improvements

Image of cleaning Proliner parts for service and or repair

After re-assembling, the Proliner follows a strict test-protocol, similar to any new machine

The whole process easily takes a complete working day

What we need


Before sending back your Proliner for service please fill in the Repair Request form below.

IMPORTANT: Click here to download the shipping instructions for sending back your Proliner for repair.

Problem description

Please give a detailed description of the problem even when you have already informed and spoke with one of our employees. This to avoid lack of information when starting the repair.

Shipment details


Back-up measurements:

Before sending back your Proliner please make a back-up of your Proliner measurements on your computer. Prodim International BV is not responsible for loss of measurements during repair and/or transportation.

How to pack:

We advise to use the original Proliner box with the original inlay or our optional flight case. Make sure that it is well packed. If not, it will be transported back in a new Proliner box for which € 60,- will be charged. A wooden box is not considered a safe way to pack and transport a Proliner.
As sender you are responsible for the condition of the Proliner when it arrives at Prodim. Repair costs will be charged in case the Proliner is damaged due to inappropriate packaging.

What to send:

Do NOT forget to send the REMOTE CONTROL with your Proliner. Without the remote control we cannot operate the device and we have to install a new one for which € 65,- will be charged.

Which courier:

Prodim International BV uses UPS for all shipments. We can also arrange a pick-up for you with UPS. As soon as you give us a sign to pick-up your Proliner, we will contact our transport partner UPS. If you decide to use another courier, we will send it back with that courier and charge a handling fee of € 30,-.

Which forms:

If you are located outside the EU your must add a Commercial Invoice. For some countries a Temporary Export Form is necessary, please contact your Customs of Transport company. You need these forms to avoid paying import duties twice. ALWAYS state the HS code of the Proliner on the Commercial Invoice: HS90318020.


Prodim assumes that a Proliner has been received in a proper condition, unless the receiver mentions the damage to the courier upon receipt.

Repair request form


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  • Customer details

  • Problem Description

  • Accessories and upgrades

  • More information about Prodim's accessories can be found this page: Proliner accessories
  • Shipment details

  • Prodim usually has better rates. If you choose Yes: You will receive an email from Prodim with pick-up instructions within 2 working days
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
    UPS will make one attempt to pick up your Proliner. If the shipment cannot be collected, UPS will leave the return label at your company and you can schedule a new pick-up by phone or via You can also drop off the package at a UPS Access Point.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.