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Prodim Stairs

Prodim Stairs is Prodim’s unique solution to measure and fabricate stair coverings. Using this solution, a staircase can be measured easily and accurately. Within minutes the job can be done! It does not matter how complex a staircase is. The Proliner covers all the shapes and styles of each single step. It can measure every aspect of a stair. All stairs (wooden, stone, metal, or glass stairs) follow the same procedure with our digital templating device.

Prodim Stairs works seamlessly with staircase cladding projects, offering features that enhance precision and efficiency throughout the workflow. With guided measurement, on-site construction checks, and automatic 2D editing, the software ensures accuracy from the outset, streamlining the design process. Notably, its automatic steps, risers optimization, and seamless integration with Prodim Factory for 3D model export contribute to a cohesive and efficient production pipeline.

Prodim Stone Stairs App

With the Stone Stairs App in combination with Factory Draw Advanced, a staircase can be measured following the guided steps on the Proliner. When the measurement is done, the software automatically finishes the drawing. The measurement and tread shapes can be altered within the software using the CAD drawing functions. The software’s output includes DXF production-ready files and a detailed PDF report, serving as a comprehensive job sheet. This report encompasses production pieces drawings, vital project information, and installation guidance presented in a user-friendly table format, specifying adaptations and glue margins for each step and riser. With the software users can check the measurement on building regulations and optimize staircases but it is also able to design the complete staircase.