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Proliner Stairs – Stone Industry solution

This solution simplifies the measuring and editing of staircases to be cladded. A unique combination, the Proliner measuring technology and dedicated software revolutionize staircase cladding.

You no longer need physical templates, ropes with weights, or complicated calculations on paper. Assumptions about structure regularity are also a thing of the past! With the Proliner Stairs app (onboard app on the Proliner), you can access all the information you need about the structure in just a few minutes. You’ll get more than just individual parameters; you’ll receive complete DXF production-ready files, along with a detailed PDF report that serves as a comprehensive job sheet. This report includes essential project information, installation guidance for each step, and even a customer signature. All of this combined means that you’ll have less room for measuring mistakes, be aware of any construction issues on-site, and save tons of time in both on-site and office work!

Get the best from your Proliner and Prodim Factory software.