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Proliner Glass Apps

The Proliner can be equipped with various software applications that have been specially developed for the glass industry.
The software is installed directly on the Proliner and can be operated with the remote control or on the touchscreen and guides you through the measuring and machining process.

Proliner CT app

Edit and finalize measurements on-site

The Proliner Glass CT app offers additional functionalities to completely finalize digital templates on-site:

  • Extra (CAD) features to easily check, edit and finalize measurements on the spot.
  • Instant tangential creating fluent lines for quick processing by a CNC.
  • Add cut-outs, production profiles and materials from a library.
  • Place cutting lines and create separate elements.
  • Add detailed project information and notes for processing.
  • Export drawings and reports for the customer and production (DXF and PDF).



Measure, check, edit and finalize with the Proliner

Proliner Template app

Digitizing physical templates

This digital measuring application has been developed to quickly and easily process physical templates. All physical molds that customers bring to you no longer have to be digitized with the CNC machine, which saves you a lot of time.


Digitize any material with the Proliner