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Factory Door Pro Edit

The Factory Door Pro Edit software, a standard inclusion with our Door Pro or FDproW package, empowers you to oversee large-scale projects with an unprecedented level of customization and connectivity, facilitated by standardized file outputs. For our customers with their own production facility we offer the Factory Door Pro Production* extension (which is not included as standard), more on this package can be seen on the bottom of the page.

To discover how our solution can streamline your processes, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to provide advice based on your specific needs.

Factory Door Pro Edit gives you control over all your larger projects

Prepare the measurement tasks, sequence and details in advance on the pc. All details can be uploaded to the Proliner. This means that an operator knows exactly what to measure and measurement results can be checked on the Proliner and in the software. Export your results in .xml, .dxf, .pdf, .excel and .txt

Set it up with your own structured door and hardware sets

Create and edit custom templates based on door+hardware configurations
and generate your lists of doors, names, and templates.



Digitization of results and file exports streamline the preparation, measuring, manufacturing and installing process up to 4 times

The operator of the Proliner is guided in taking accurate measurements and the measurement sequence



Custom libraries allow
configurations with
multiple door types,
materials, locks, hinges
and margins for deviations

Individual door types,
materials, locks, hinges, and offsets for
predetermined gaps



Connectivity is provided
through file outputs in

Mass customization
production levels reached through efficiency and

Factory Door Pro Production*

For specialized door fabricators: a tailor-made interior door solution for automated operations.
Manage, control and process data and requirements in your own environment. Custom programmed and connect to your CAD-CAM/CNC control system.

*Please contact us for availability!

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Each manufacturing company is different. If you would like to know how we optimize processes with the Factory Door Pro Edit software extension, please contact us consult our informative news channels or read one of the many positive messages from our customers.