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Prodim Laser

Prodim Laser

Expand your measuring possibilities with the Prodim laser in combination with your Proliner or as standalone model. The Prodim Laser 3D measuring device is a fully portable, non-contact solution. No levelling or setup is required. 3D information can be converted into usable 2D geometry. The Laser can be used indoor and outdoor. All points that are physically hard to reach can be measured.

The output is a CAD file (DXF), which can be instantly checked for correct dimensions and can be easily edited with the intuitive functions of Proliner software and or Prodim desktop software.

Prodim Proliner – Laser Combo


A unique quality of the Prodim Laser Combo is the communication via Bluetooth with the Proliner. Now you can use the extended software platform of the Proliner. It’s therefore extremely easy to use without the need for an external laptop. Switching between the Laser and Proliner in one measurement enables you to capture large areas as well as detail.

Prodim Laser Computer


The Prodim Laser Computer will be delivered with a mini computer that is connected with the Prodim Laser through a Bluetooth connection. You can see all the data on your screen.