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Application-based industry software by Prodim

To get the most out of Proliner measurements Prodim offers easy to use, intuitive and efficient industry software. We make special industry software for on the Proliner, to guide you through a measurement and create CNC ready DXF-files. We also offer desktop software designed to help you with daily processes like your inventory, creating quotations, project management and work preparation.

Screenshots - Prodim Proliner Stone CT software


The Proliner CT software creates more than just a digital template! It connects field measurements seamless to the factory. Suitable for Stone, Wood and Glass industry.

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Screenshots - Prodim Proliner Door & Window software

Door and Window

Finish a Door or Window measurement completely on-site and produce CNC ready production files within minutes.

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Screenshots - Prodim Proliner Stairs software


Prodim Stairs is Prodim’s unique solution to measure and fabricate stairs’ coverings. Using this solution, a staircase can be measured easily and accurately. Within minutes the job can be done!

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Screenshots of Prodim TubeCheck software and an image of a Proliner 10IS


Prodim has especially developed TubeCheck for quality control of tubes. This solution allows you to measure a tube at any time, to immediately check dimensions on the screen, and to compare the measured tube with the original.

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Prodim Proliner Survey software - Mobile app


The Proliner IS Survey is a flexible and easy to use tool to define points on a free form. Thanks to its advanced functionality you can use it as a surveying tool but also for quality control.

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Screenshots - Prodim Bent Glass software

Prodim Bent Glass

Prodim Bent Glass is a complete software for the reverse engineering, fabrication and quality control of bent glass constructions. It enable glass manufacturers to Model – Flatten – Frame and Compare 3D glass shapes.

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Screenshots - Prodim Factory software

Prodim Factory

Each Prodim Factory software package offers specific solutions for stone and glass shops to manage and digitize their business processes from one platform.

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