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Factory is the answer to challenges most stone shops face today; how do you optimally manage the flow of information through your shop? Factory software offers multiple solutions for stone fabricators to digitize, manage and improve business processes in the easiest and most efficient manner using only one platform.

Prodim Factory is a stand-alone software but also enables stone fabricators to get the most out of Proliner Stone CT measurement data. Prodim’s mission is to improve, always!

Your tailored Prodim Factory package

Prodim Factory is built in a way that Prodim can provide tailored Prodim Factory packages fitting any stone fabricator’s needs.

Prodim Factory introduction videos:

Factory Draw Advanced

Factory Slab Creator and Match

Factory Fabricator – The complete solution

Factory – Project Home Icon - Prodim Factory software - Project Home module

Get all the information you require to manage your projects using only one interface


Project home is the core module of the software connecting all available modules together. Main functionalities:

  • Create and manage projects
    • Follow project statuses
    • Add measurement jobs
    • Add production jobs
  • Import, export and explore project files
    • Project data and photo’s (via Proliner File Transfer mobile app)
    • Proliner measuring data
    • Drawings
    • Production files and reports
  • Customize and personalize company information
  • Customize the information and fill in fields to be used to your requirements

Factory – Library Icon - Prodim Factory software - Library module

Set up your digital libraries to standardize processes, save time and eliminate mistakes


Basic data is organized in the Factory libraries. Manage collections of drawing shapes, materials, cut-outs, profiles and custom fields to be used. Main functionalities:

  • Factory provides libraries for materials, cut-outs, profiles and uncategorized fields
  • Build and manage your own libraries or use a comprehensive pre-filled library from Prodim
  • Customizable library fields, display what is required only
  • Filter options for a clear overview

Factory – Edit CT Icon - Prodim Factory software - Edit CT

Proliner software on your laptop or desktop


The same software that you are used work with on the Proliner
for checking, editing and finalizing digital templates.

Factory – Draw Icon - Prodim Factory software - Draw module

Create quick digital sketches or detailed drawings for your customer in an instant


Factory Draw is a fast and easy-to-use CAD drawing tool that further extends the functionalities of EDIT CT. Main functionalities:

  • Create quick digital sketches based on basic shapes and dimensions
  • Import, edit and finalize Proliner measurements directly or via EDIT CT
  • Simple and easy to understand user interface with helpful pop-up instructions
  • A complete tool set to capture all the primary dimensions and integrate the customer’s wishes
  • Add basic shapes, materials, cut-outs and profile edges from your libraries
  • Add walls and sawing seams
  • Divide your design in pieces and use these for nesting and slab matching

Factory – Draw Advanced Icon - Prodim Factory software - Draw Advanced module

Multiple plane solid modeling in 2D/3D


Draw, Edit and Manipulate Multiple planes in 2D/3D. Main functionalities:

  • Construct vertical planes in 2D/3D and create solids
  • Check and correct solid collisions in 2D/3D
  • Align seams, cut-outs and more in 2D/3D
  • Get the full Factory Fabricator package and match slab patterns in 2D / 3D

Factory – Slab Creator Icon - Prodim Factory software - Slab Creator module

Build your digital Slab inventory, get a clear overview of what is in stock, ordered and reserved and use your slabs for digital matching


Factory Slab enables stone shops to digitize slabs and add them to their slab inventory. Main functionalities:

  • Digitize slabs in three possible ways:
    • Standard materials with fixed dimensions: Simply add a slab, its dimensions and a material picture directly into the software.
    • Fixed setup for unique slabs: Use a fixed and pre-calibrated setup with camera and green screen in front of which you place slabs.
    • Flexible setup for unique slabs: Measure 4 points on a slab with the Proliner and combine it with a picture. This can be done anywhere offering maximum flexibility

Icon - Prodim Factory software - Slab Creator module - Add standard materials functionality       Icon - Prodim Factory software - Slab Creator module - Add slab fixed setup functionality        Icon - Prodim Factory software - Slab Creator module - Add slab flexible setup functionality

  • A digital slab inventory
    • A clear overview of all slabs in stock, ordered and reserved
    • Slab defects can be marked and are clearly visible
    • Digitized slabs can be used for slab matching with the Factory Match module

Factory – Match Icon - Prodim Factory software - Match module

Create perfectly aligned slab pattern designs for your customer


Slab match drawn pieces on slabs from your digital warehouse. Avoid marked defects and move pieces until you get perfectly the aligned patterns your customer is looking for. Main functionalities:

  • Choose unique slabs from your slab library created with Slab Creator
  • Use pieces from Factory Draw
  • Slab match pieces on your unique slabs
    • Move and rotate pieces to fit on the slab
    • Automatic indicator if a piece doesn’t fit
    • Match slab patterns using a real-time preview function
    • Defects are clearly marked to take into account
    • Add multiple slabs
  • Export your matching as DXF and PDF-files to be used for quoting and production

Factory – Quote Icon - Prodim Factory software - Quote module

Provide your customer all the information he needs within a few easy steps and close the deal


Automatically create quick quotes or detailed slab matched quotations. Main functionalities:

  • Quotations can be fully tailored to your needs using settings and libraries
  • Factory automatically generates quotes based on Proliner Stone CT measurements, Factory Drawings (with or without matching data) and the prices you have indicated for your materials and services
  • Generated quotes can still be customized afterwards
  • Add files to your quotation (drawings, design previews)
  • Export the quotation (PDF) to be send to the customer

Stay competitive – Go digital!


Digital templating solutions


Prodim Proliner 7CS Stone package

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