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Prodim news

Proliner demonstrations at SEEBBE 2017 – Belgrade, Serbia

In the building industry Proliners are used to create digital templates for the production of countertops, door and window frames, stairs, walls, interiors, backsplashes, balustrades, tubes, glass and many other constructions. Come by to experience yourself what the Proliner is capable of.

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Granite Source - United States

Kevin Nesbit: “Several complex jobs were accurately done the first time using the Proliner. After gaining valuable insight and tips during my Proliner training session using the Proliner will be even more efficient.”

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Granite Tops - Ireland

Thomas Sullivan: “The Proliner fulfilled a major part in our production growth from 20 to 30 countertops a week. Therefore the decision to invest in a second Proliner was an easy one. The investment in the Proliner was earned back in a year!”

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Falkegranit - Denmark

Henrik and Nicolai: “After having invested in new CNC-machinery, the Proliner is the next step for Falkegranit for improving our production process.”

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Kuma - Denmark

KUMA expects to measure more countertops in a day using the Proliner. Templates will be more precise, resulting in higher quality end products and lesser fault products.

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