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Prodim news

Steinmetzgeschäft Kühn - Germany

Christoph, Marius and Paul: “After seeing the Proliner in action at the BAU fair in Munich, we knew the Proliner was the right digital templating tool for us. Measuring with the Proliner is much faster and far more accurate!”

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Kemperink Bedrijfswageninrichting - The Netherlands

Peter: “Measuring car floors and bodywork is accurate, fast and easy using the Proliner. The process of creating digital templates that can be used for production is much faster and far less labor-intensive than traditional cardboard templating.”

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Custom Marine - USA

Will: “The Proliner will enable us to be more efficient and accurate in our measurements and installations. Through this innovation, we will be able to grow as a business and deliver exceptional service for our customers.”

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Albo Deuren - The Netherlands

Kris, Roy and Jan: “On-site installation is easier, faster and planing is no longer required. We can now also supply prepainted doors because of the Proliner’s accurate digital templates that we use for production.”

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My Shower Door - USA

Doug: “The Proliner proved to be the best tool for the job, since it will speed up our templating process and the accurate measurements aid in fabrication.”

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