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ProWood 2024 – Gent, Belgium

20-Oct-2024 - 24-Oct-2024

We want to welcome you to Prowood, the international meeting point for the woodworking industry and related sectors in Belgium and its surroundings.

Prodim presents

The Proliner is the leading measurer of furniture, doors, and windows. With the Proliner at the center of each solution, Prodim provides the fastest, most accurate, most reliable, flexible, and most durable digital templating tool in the market. Visit this webpage to watch demonstration videos for measuring furniture, doors, and windows with the Proliner.


Flanders Expo – Gent
Maaltekouter 1, 9051 Gent, Belgium

Prodim booth


Dates and times

20-24 October 2024


More information and show registration

Prowood – Website

Let’s meet in Ghent, Belgium!