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Frameless Glass Curtains provides faster service with the Proliner

Paul and Steve: "The Proliner is much more efficient than the measuring methods we used before, and it will enable us to provide faster service to our customers."

Proliner offers AWORA more benefits compared to laser technology

Marco: "With the Proliner we expect to be able to make measurements for more companies and work within an even bigger range of branches!"

Canadian Yacht Tops switches to a digital workplace

Craig and Gerry: "We know our new Prodim equipment is going to save us so much time and improve our production process!"

The Proliner offers significant advantages for Marbres et Tendances

Jérôme: "The Proliner not only makes very precise digital templates, but we can measure very large pieces too, and show the results immediately to our customers on the screen of the device."

The Proliners efficiency enables business expansion for SC Wake

Kyle: "The Proliner speeds up the whole process of measuring and will not only be used for boat decking, but also for the expansion of our business to golf cart decking!"

Carvel Marine is ahead of the competition with the use of the Proliner

Santiago: "The Proliner is the best and most accurate measuring tool for the requirements of the company and our customers."

Mega Marble is going to use their Proliner knowledge for Mega Glass

Julio and Laura: "The Proliner has contributed to an increase of Mega Marble's production and helped saving time in the process. We now want to achieve the same for Mega Glass using the Proliner's flexibility".

The Proliner increases function and operations of Captain Bly

Kelly: "the Proliner will greatly increase the function and operations of our company."

The Proliner speeds up manufacturing process of Saunders Yachtworks

Michael and Boyd: "the easy and quick set up of the Proliner, its accuracy and the speed by which we can measure an entire boat are advantages we already experience."

The Proliner is saving up to 14 hours per canvas for INOXI

Thomas: "The Proliner is going to optimize our whole production process by saving us time and money!"

The Proliner strengthens the partnership between Quantra and IKEA

Ravi: The Proliner will help us achieve our goals since it offers a complete solution for measuring and creating digital templates for production, which eases and speeds up the whole process."

Absolute Marble & Granite are getting into more industrial size jobs

Tam Doan & Luu: "The Proliner is going to help us improve our accuracy, efficiency and consistency of fabricating high-quality stone products."

Viktor's Granite & Marble purchased a second Proliner

Viktor Polishchuk: The first Proliner has helped the fabrication process become much quicker and more accurate and contributed to expanding our activities.