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Stieva uses the Proliner to measure a large range of metal constructions

Mr. N. de Jong and R. van Nes: "The Proliner gives the opportunity to gain a digital template on a very accurate level, reduces mistakes and most importantly, it saves us a lot of time"

The Proliner helps Trimnet save time and increases productivity

Mr. A. Hathaway and Mr. R.T. Voller: "Proliner templates will be more accurate, can be created much faster and are independent of the weather conditions (which is a necessity in the UK)."

Potteau Labo's projects are carried out using the Proliner

Domien Meire and Michiel Tijtgat: "The Proliner is the only device that can capture all the details and due to its flexibility we can create digital templates for entire projects"

Kinver Canopies creates better fitting covers using the Proliner

Ian Underwood and Scott Ward: "With the IPT for measuring hard-to-reach points and the hook-pen for easy measurement of tubular frames Prodim tackled two important measurement challenges in the marine industry.

D'Novus Marine picked the Proliner for digital templating boat decks

Felix and Nelson Diaz: "We first learned about the Proliner by observing another business using the machine and were fascinated with its capabilities."

The actual marking of measurement points convinced MasterCovers

Steve and Mitch Pryke: "We are convinced that the Proliner is the right tool for MasterCovers to create digital templates and achieve our goals"

CB Stone Design decided it was time for a change, time for a Proliner

Ciaran Burke: "The Proliner convinced us to be the best tool to use for digital templating countertops. That and the fact that we know colleague stone companies that use the Proliner to their satisfaction, made us decide to go for the Proliner."

Proliners help C&A Stone Installers business grow

Neville Dixon: "With the third Proliner, we now have 3 dedicated templater vans in the field and can further increase the number of templates produced per week."

The Proliner fits best in the technology upgrade plan of Art Granit

Marcel Vutcariov: "After testing both Proliner and laser technology we came to the conclusion that the laser is not as accurate as the Proliner. The software that comes with the Proliner is easier to understand as well"

IMPA Precision: ISO 9001:2015 certified

IMPA Precision, part of Prodim Group is now an ISO 9001:2015 certified machining company.

New Proliner leap-pods

We have updated the Orange Proliner leap-pod kit in our portfolio. The new generation leap-pods provides even better stability and we replaced the packing case with a more practical pouch bag requiring less space.

Extra speed for Northallerton glass to compete in the market

Liam Spencer: "On-site measuring with the Proliner is much faster and since nobody likes to wait, this is another Proliner advantage to help us compete in the market."

Yacht window manufacturer Rhigo invests in digital measuring on-site

Mr. H. van Deursen and R. Harteveld explain: "The investment in the Proliner will provide numerous efficiency advantages for us. Measurements will be more accurate and the overall project lead time will be shortened significantly!"

The Proliner will contribute to the scale up of stone company Stenskivor

Kert Loide: "Prodim is active in the stone industry for many years, the fact that they develop and manufacture in-house and their personal touch, provides trust in their products and services for the long-term."