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Successful in the Stone, Ceramic and Solid industry from day one

GIF Image - Prodim Proliner - Complete Digital Templating Solutions for the Stone, Ceramics and Solids Industry


The Proliner has proven to be the most accurate, reliable, efficient and flexible digital templating solution for the stone sector.

Measurements can be reviewed and changed on-site and exported as ready to use production files for CNC machines.

Specialized Prodim Factory software packages enable stone shops to manage, digitize and improve their daily business processes. Connect field, office and production using only one platform!


Solutions for the Stone, Ceramic and Solid industry


An overview of the main solutions that Prodim developed for and are used by stone shops.

Prodim Proliner 7X CS Stone package

Proliner Stone packages


Complete packages for digital templating stone constructions. Enables stone fabricators to finalize templates on-site as well as to process the project measurements in the office and factory. More information


Prodim Factory


Software solutions for the daily needs of stone shops to manage and digitize business processes from one platform. More information

Prodim Proliner CS Series

Proliners – Generation X


Proliner packages are based on the latest Proliner Generation X models that come with dedicated templating apps. They provide all you need to measure, to check and to edit digital templates on site. Get the best flow ever! More information

Screenshots - Prodim Proliner software - CT app

Proliner Stone CT app


Proliner Stone CT software offers additional functionalities to completely finalize the digital templates of countertops and backsplashes on-site. More information

Screenshots - Prodim Proliner software - Stairs app

Proliner Stairs app


Proliner Stairs offers a unique solution to the task of measuring and fabrication of stair coverings. More information

Screenshots - Prodim Proliner software - Template app

Proliner Template app


Digitize physical templates fast and easy. More information

Prodim Proliner Smartphone Apps

Prodim smartphone apps


Various apps designed to help provide the best digital templating flow. Like the Proliner File Transfer app for sending Proliner project data from on-site directly to the office. More information

Prodim Proliner accessories

Proliner Accessories


Designed to make measuring jobs even easier we offer various accessories for the Proliner like extension pieces and add-ons for the measuring pen. More information

Prodim ProCutter

Prodim ProCutter


Easily connect the ProCutter Plotter to the Proliner and create the winning team to convert your digital templates into templates that can be used for production. More information

User experiences from within the Stone, Ceramic and Solid industry

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