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Accurate digital measuring for Flat or Curved glass made easy!

GIF Image - Prodim Proliner - Complete Digital Templating Solutions for the Glass Industry - Balustrade


Glass fabricators using the Proliner have improved their overall production process by significantly reducing the time required for measuring and creating digital templates for glass constructions. For them, due to the Proliner’s accuracy, expensive waste products due to inaccurate measurements now belong to the past.

There is a clear distinction in the requirements for creating digital templates for flat glass constructions and (double) curved glass constructions. We offer special solutions for both. Operators can easily create, check and change digital measurements in your factory or on the job site and use the rapidly created DXF files for further processing or as direct input for your machinery.


Main Prodim products for the Glass Industry


An overview of the main Prodim products developed for and used by glass fabricators. Visit the product pages for more detailed information.

Prodim Proliner - 8X CS - Architectural Glass Package

Proliner Architectural Glass Packages


Our glass packages for measuring templates and flat glass constructions. Solves practical problems of glass fabricators, both on-site as well as in processing the measurement information in the office. More information

Image of the Prodim Bent Glass package with a Proliner Tracker of the Industry Series and the Prodim Bent Glass software solutions

Proliner Bent Glass Packages


Prodim offers a complete package for measuring bent glass. The package contains a Proliner of the Industry Series: world’s most flexible and efficient 3D Tracker for measuring 3D glass shapes. More information

Prodim Proliner 8X CS

Proliners – Generation X


Proliner packages are based on the latest Proliner Generation X models that come with dedicated templating apps. They provide all you need to measure, to check and to edit digital templates on site. Get the best flow ever! More information

Prodim Screenshots - Proliner Glass CT software

Proliner Glass CT app


This embedded software solution for the Proliner offers additional functionalities to completely finalize digital templates of backsplashes, worktops, balustrades and other flat glass constructions on-site. More information

Screenshots - Prodim Proliner software - Template app

Proliner Template app


Digitize physical templates fast and easy. More information

Prodim Proliner Smartphone Apps

Prodim smartphone apps


Various apps designed to help provide the best digital templating flow. Like the Proliner File Transfer app for sending Proliner project data from on-site directly to the office. More information

Screenshots - Prodim Factory software - Stone industry solutionsProdim Factory software - Glass industry solutions

Prodim Factory software


Software solutions for the daily needs of glass shops to manage and digitize business processes from one platform. More information

Screenshots - Prodim Bent Glass software

Prodim Bent Glass software


Prodim Bent Glass is a complete software for the reverse engineering, fabrication and quality control of bent glass constructions. It enables glass manufacturers to Model – Flatten – Frame and Compare 3D glass shapes. More information

Prodim Proliner accessories

Proliner Accessories


Designed to make measuring jobs even easier we offer various accessories for the Proliner like extension pieces and add-ons for the measuring pen. More information

User experiences from within the Glass Industry

Prodim Proliner user Mucci Glass Railings

Mucci Glass & Railings – Canada


Mustafa and Erena: ”The Proliner shows all of the deviations in the walls so that we can make a piece of glass fit perfectly with straight cuts.” Read more.

Prodim Proliner user Mirror works

Mirror Works – USA


Nermin, Taylor and Richard: “The refresher training was a great experience for all of us. The new knowledge will definitely further improve our production process!” Read more.

Prodim Proliner user Abbey Glass

Abbey Glass – United Kingdom


Dylan and Joseph: “Measuring a simple splashback took us 2 to 3 hours, with the Proliner it takes us a maximum of 15 minutes!” Read more.

Prodim Proliner user My Shower Door

My Shower Door – USA


Doug: “The Proliner proved to be the best tool for the job, since it will speed up our templating process and the accurate measurements aid in fabrication.” Read more.

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