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Prodim Group is an international organization working from locations in Helmond (NL) and Ft. Pierce, FL (USA). Prodim Group’s companies share the same mission and dedication to develop and provide products and services to industrial manufacturers that improve their business processes.
Prodim Group companies:
Prodim Group - Prodim International - Helmond   Prodim Group - Prodim USA Office - Ft. Pierce Florida   Prodim Group - IMPA Precision - Machining company - Helmond
Prodim International
Helmond, NL
  Prodim USA
Ft. Pierce, Florida, USA
  IMPA Precision
Helmond, NL

Prodim Systems logoProliners, software and 3D Printers

Professional dimensioning for production improvement

A striking example is the self-developed and patented Proliner by Prodim Systems. The Proliner is a portable digital measuring tool positioned between a Tracker and CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine). Measurements can be exported as CAD drawings for production, control and design. Proliners are used for many different applications in multiple branches.

Proliner 7CS

To get the most out of the Proliner measurement data Prodim has developed solutions adapted for each industry. Varying from embedded Proliner software to Prodim desktop software enabling manufacturers to digitize their production processes. In addition Prodim offers special tools for different industries like the Prodim Plotter and Procutter.

Due to the constant focus on providing manufacturers tailored solutions for improving their business processes Prodim has grown to be a leading expert in complete digital measuring solutions.

Prodim 3D Printers

Professional 3D Printers

Prodim is a manufacturer and supplier of 3D Printers for the professional industry. By being innovative, introducing new technology, working on improvements and listening to customers Prodim is able to provide customers advanced 3D Printers.

The 3D Printers stand out because of their solid extra-large build volume and two full metal extruders (print heads) for double printing or printing two materials at the same time.
Proliner digital measuring device   Prodim software solutions   Prodim Tools
Proliner digital measuring device
Patented measuring technology
  Application-based industry solutions
Self-developed software
  Additional tools
To provide complete solutions

Prodim Group - IMPA PrecisionIMPA Precision

Experts in precision manufacturing and assembly

IMPA Precision fine mechanical productionIMPA Precision is a machining company specialized in the manufacturing and assembly of custom precision parts and prototypes. Parts are produced in singles or series. IMPA Precision uses a modern machine park, including 5-axis and 3-axis CNC milling machines, a robot cell, CNC turning machines and wire EDM machines operated by skilled craftsmen. Integrated quality control and short lead times make IMPA Precision a reliable partner for the professional industry.

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IMPA Precision - CNC milling   IMPA Precision - Turning machinery   IMPA Precision - EDM Machinery
3-Axis and 5-Axis milling   Turning machinery with driven tools   EDM machinery

Co-DevelopmentProdim Projects logo

Partner in development and marketing of technical solutions

Prodim supplies worldwide and has many years of international experience in introducing and marketing of products and services. Besides exhibiting at fairs all over the world Prodim has built an extensive international network for various lines of business.

This experience combined with Prodims’ in house resources and knowledge of product and software development is also available for companies looking for a partnership in co-development.

Prodim Co-Development - Exhibiting all over the world   Prodim Co-development - Experience in multiple industries   Prodim Co-Development - Extensive international network
Exhibiting all over the world
Marmomac Stone Fair, Italy
  Experience in multiple industries
Metalloobrabotka, Russia
  Extensive international network
China Glass, China

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