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Send back Prodim 3D Printer for Service and Repair

Before sending back your 3D Printer for service and/or guarantee please fill in the Repair Request form below.

IMPORTANT Click here to download the shipping instructions for sending back your Proliner for repair.

Problem Description

Please give a detailed description of the problem even when you have already informed and spoken to one of our employees. This to avoid lack of information when starting the repair.

Shipment details

How to pack: We advise to use our 3D priner box on a pallet. Make sure that it is well packed. If not, it will be transported back in a new 3D Printer box for which € 80,- will be charged.
Please think about:
- Turn the printbed of the printer to the bottom;
- Set the extruders in the home position and fasten the extruders to prevent them from moving around during transport;
- It is the customers decision to send the glass plate with the printer. If you do, please make sure you fasten the glass plate to protect it during transport.

As sender you are responsible for the condition of the 3D Printer when it arrives at Prodim. Repair costs will be charged in case the 3D Printer is damaged due to inappropriate packaging. 

What to send: Please send your 3D Printer including the USB and power cable. There is no need to send along your glass printbed or any filaments. 

Which courier: Prodim International BV uses UPS for all shipments. We can also arrange a pick-up for you with UPS. As soon as you give us a sign to pick-up your 3D printer, we will contact our transport partner UPS. If you decide to use another courier, we will send it back with that courier and charge a handling fee of € 30,-.  

Which forms: If you are located outside the EU your must add a Commercial Invoice. For some countries a Temporary Export Form is necessary, please contact your Customs of Transport company. You need these forms to avoid paying import duties twice. ALWAYS state the HS code of the 3D printer on the Commercial Invoice: HS 8477.9080. 

Receiving: Prodim assumes that the 3D Printer has been received in a proper condition, unless the receiver mentions the damage to the courier upon receipt. 

Repair Request Form


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Shipment details

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UPS will make one attempt to pick up your Proliner. If the shipment cannot be collected, UPS will leave the return label at your company and you can schedule a new pick-up by phone or via or drop off the package at a UPS Access Point

The 3D printer will be sent in: *

If you have selected 'An own box' or 'other' in the previous question, then please specify below the dimensions (WxHxD)