Prodim TubeCheck: the solution for checking tubes
Prodim customers are known for their demands for quality, which they expect from their suppliers but also from themselves. Therefore, they use the Prodim TubeCheck to ensure their products are exactly as desired.  

Prodim TubeCheck

As a manufacturer of bended tubes, you want to do a good job, but often good work takes time. Whether you want to check the tube upon arrival, on the roller machine or after manufacturing, it is very important to get the desired data fast and accurate. Due to different sizes, diameters, angles and radii it is often difficult and time consuming to make this clearly visible.

Prodim TubeCheck logoProdim has especially developed theTubeCheck - the solution to measure tubes and pipes Prodim TubeCheck for quality control of tubes. This solution allows you to measure a tube at any time, to immediately check dimensions on the screen, and to compare the measured tube with the original. Angles and radii can be checked fast and easily and element lengths and total lengths can be viewed. The measured tube with the desired data and additional project data can be stored as a report document in PDF. 
We advise for this solution the Proliner TubeCheck. This is a Proliner of the Proliner IS Series with modified features optimized for measuring tubes and pipes.

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