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Prodim 3D Printer XXL Pro 2

The Orcabot XXLPro 2

Dual and double printing

The Orcabot XXLPro 2 is our newest generation of powerful and professional 3D Printers. The XXLPro 2 is specifically designed for a demanding business environment. The XXLPro 2 has a large build volume and a solid aluminum frame, ensuring a durable and stable printing environment.

The heated print bed and independent dual extruder heads make it possible to print a large variety of filaments, print two materials at the same time and to double print in copy mode.
The high quality full metal extruder heads are perfectly equipped for long print cycles. The design ensures easy cleaning, maintenance and change of filament. The XXLPro 2 can be operated stand-alone or via a PC-connection.


Construction:     Prodim 3D Printer XXL Pro 2 - extruder with blower
Physical dimension (WDH): 620x500x520 mm  
Frame construction: Aluminum  
Bed construction: Aluminum / glass  
Extruders: 2 full metal extruder heads with blower  
Print range single extruder (WDH): 356x274x230 mm  
Print range dual extruder (WDH): 356x274x230 mm   Prodim 3D Printer XXL Pro 2 - stand-alone control
Print range copy mode (WDH): 176x274x230 mm  
Print volume: 22,9 liter  
Minimal layer height: 0,05 mm  
Print resolution: 0,05 mm  
Hot-end temperature: 285 ⁰C  
Prodim 3D Printer XXL Pro 2 - copy mode for double printing
Bed temperature: ≈ 100 ⁰C  
Control / Input: Stand-alone (SD-card *.gcode format) or PC connection  
Materials / Filament:
PLA, ABS, PVA, Woodfill, Flexible plastic, HIPS, PET, PA12 Nylon and more.

Download pdf Download the Orcabot XXL Pro 2 folder



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