Proliner user Stenskivor

The Proliner will contribute to the scale up of Stenskivor

Stenskivor is a leading stone company based in Stockholm and Malmö, Sweden. Initially they are going to use the Proliner to create digital templates of kitchen countertops and custom table projects, followed by stair coverings in the near future.

Kert Loide of Stenskivor: "We choose the Proliner because it gets the job done better and faster! Proliner measurements are more accurate and by going digital, less mistakes will be made. Faster, because the Proliner will enable Stenskivor to scale up the number of on-site project measurements per day, contributing to the growth of the company."

Kert continues: "Besides the capabilities of the Proliner we also choose for Prodim, as a company. Prodim is active in the stone industry for many years, the fact that they develop and manufacture in-house and their personal touch, provides trust in their products and services for the long-term."

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