Proliner user PM Granite measuring stairs

PM Granite chose for the Proliner because it can accurately measure all fine details as well

Stone Shop PM Granite from London, UK is specialized in crafting all types of modern stone constructions for kitchens and bathrooms. They primarily use granite, marble and quarts to realize high-quality worktops, splash backs, vanity tops, stair coverings and more for their customers. PM Granite invested in a Proliner CS and the Prodim ProCutter. The ProCutter cuts physical templates out of special Prodim foil based on the digital templates created with the Proliner.

Krystian Dusznik of PM Granite: "Due to the flexibility of the Proliner we can measure all stone constructions that we offer to our customers, including the fine details required for finishing like profiles. This can't be done with laser technology and the Proliner provides more accurate templates as well"

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