The Proliner: Portable measuring tool for Quality Control and Reverse Engineering

Proliner measurement technology offers a solution for the rising demand in quality assurance, thanks to its accurate measurement capabilities. The benefits are immediate when a portable Proliner IS Tracker is integrated within the inspection process. The Proliner is flexible, fast, easy to use and measurements can be reviewed on-site.

The Proliner IS is also the perfect tool for reverse engineering and surveying. Operators can quickly digitize any object within a 20m spherical envelope. The measurement data is captured as a DXF-file that can be downloaded directly into CAD for reverse engineering or to check the measurement results with the master CAD data.
  Main applications / solutions
Prodim Stone Industry Countertops Quality control  
Prodim Stone Industry Backsplashes Reverse engineering  
CAD Based Inspection  
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Prodim Quality Control - Reverse Engineering: measuring a mold Prodim Quality Control - Reverse Engineering: Nuon Solar Team checking Nuna 8 solar car Prodim Quality Control - Reverse Engineering: Measuring a tube system Prodim Quality Control - Reverse Engineering: Measuring a tube

User experiences from within the Quality Control and Reverse Engineering

"Thanks to the easy to work with Proliner IS, we have been able to build the Nuna8 with high precision and a strong aerodynamic profile”

Joris van den Berg, Aerodynamics & Production  - Nuon Solar Team - The Netherlands
Euro Marble supply use a Proliner
"We have seen immediate benefits through the use of this equipment: the speed of surveys is quicker, more accurate than other traditional survey methods. It also minimises or eliminates the need for hot work on-site by removing the need for unnecessary field welds as the spool(s) or structural element(s) can be completed offsite in our workshop prior to installation.

Fitzroy Engineering - New Zealand
More user experiences from within the stone industry

Main Prodim products for the Quality Control and Reverse Engineering Industry

An overview of the main Prodim products developed and used for quality control and reverse engineering. Visit the product pages for more detailed information.
Proliner Industry Series
Prodim TubeCheck
Proliner IS Survey

Proliner IS series

Proliners of the Industry Serie (IS) Are designed for high-end measuring and quality control. They provide an even higher accuracy and can measure in 3D.

Prodim TubeCheck

This solution allows you to measure a tube at any time, to immediately check dimensions on the screen, and to compare the measured tube with the original. 

Proliner IS Survey

The Proliner IS Survey is a flexible and easy to use tool to define points on a free form. Thanks to its advanced functionality you can use it as a surveying tool but also for quality control.
Proliner tripodProliner backpack

Proliner Accessories

Designed to make measuring jobs even easier we offer various accessories for the Proliner like extentions pieces and add-ons for the measuring pen.




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