Complete digital measurement solution for the Canvas and Textile industry

The canvas industry often uses the Proliner to digitize existing templates. The Proliner can handle any kind of template; even large templates can be digitized easily. This kind of work is often two dimensional. The digital templates can be send to the CNC cutting machine for production.

Larger gains are achieved by companies that use the portable measurement device for digital templating on-site. These measurements are often in 3D. The Proliner 8CS Canvas Package offers the best solution for portable 2D and 3D digital measurements for the canvas industry. After the measurement, the design can be edited in CAD. The CAD drawing can be translated into the required 2D cutting dimensions. The digital drawing can be used to operate your CNC machine, to print or cut your plots or as a basis for your design. 
  Main applications / solutions
Canvas and Textile Industry application - Canvas Covers Templating Canvas Covers  
Canvas and Textile Industry application: Boat covers and tops Templating Boat Tops  
Canvas and Textile Industry application: templating canopies Templating Canvas/Textile Interiors  
Canvas and Textile Industry application: Templating Canopies Templating Canopies  
Canvas and Textile Industry application - And more And more
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Canvas Industry: Proliner measuring bimini top    Canvas Industry: Proliner measuring a Canopy    Canvas industry: Proliner measuring a boat cover    Canvas Industry:  Proliner measuring a car seat

User experiences from within the canvas industry

BSF Solid Surfaces use a Proliner
"Nautilux used the Proliner for creating a digital template of a complex EZ2CY enclosure. Darren Arthur: "We are very happy to work with the Proliner and the time savings it is providing us!"

Darren Arthur - Nautilux Custom Canvas - USA
Euro Marble supply use a Proliner
"A big plus for us is that the Proliner directly converts a measurement into a digital .DXF file that you can send to the workplace or the fabricator. That will save us a lot of time.”

Ross Salter - Salter Covers - Spain
More user experiences from within the stone industry


Main Prodim products for the canvas and textile industry

An overview of the main Prodim products developed for and used by the canvas industry. Visit the product pages for more detailed information.
Proliner IS Series Proliner Construct Series Prodim - Get the Best - Proliner 8CS Canvas packge

Proliner IS Series

Proliner Industry Series is our high end measuring solution. It's available with build in water-level sensors and a big touch screen. These Proliners are perfectly equipped for high end measuring.

Proliner CS series

Proliners of the Construction serie are durable and designed to be used in tough working conditions. They provide all you need to measure, to check and to edit digital templates on site.

Proliner 8CS Canvas Package

Our  complete package for digital templating Canvas constructions. Enables Canvas and Textile fabricators to measure templates on-site and process the project measurements in the office and factory.


Prodim Factory sample of slab inventory overview
Measuring hard-to-reach points
Proliner tripod Proliner backpack

Prodim Plotter

The Prodim Plotter is a flatbed solution which can be used for many different industry specific projects, such as boat cover cutting, shade sail design, marine canvas, awnings and many more industrial fabric applications.

Proliner IPT

The Proliner IPT is used for measuring hard-to-reach points, ideal for templating canvas.

Proliner Accessories

Designed to make measuring jobs even easier we offer various accessories for the Proliner like extentions pieces and add-ons.

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