National monument restored through use Proliner

Several corridors of Fort Pannerden are provided with a fireproof door construction with safety glass. To produce this precision work with fireproof protection guarantee, very precise dimensions were needed.
Since we use the Proliner®, the accuracy of measurements has become much better and with routine works the speed of measuring has increased as well.
Andreas Müller - Glass Müller (Austria)

Measuring flat or curved glass as easy as 1-2-3

Accurate measurements are very important in the glass industry to avoid expensive waste. Large amounts of cut glass for cars, ships, windows etc. are frequently wasted due to inaccurate measurements.

From now on this belongs to the past! With the Proliner you can measure all your flat and bended glass, complex shaped windows, windshields, balustrades, ship windows, backsplashes, decoration glass etc. as easy as 1, 2, 3! Create your DXF drawing rapidly within seconds or minutes.
Prodim's dedication to the glass industry resulted in the Prodim Bent Glass for bent glass manufacturers. This software easily helps to Model-Flatten-Frame and Compare 3D glass shapes.
The Proliner has proven to be the most accurate, reliable, efficient and flexible solution on the market. Worldwide the Proliner provides thousands of companies every day with accurate data as a basis for their successful business operation. For any fabricator the most important thing is to get it right! Its mechanical and digital measuring method is not influenced by circumstances or environmental influences. Without targets, required leveling and set-up time, the Proliner works fast and accurate in your factory or on the job site.

measuring result of a balustradesmeasuring a windshieldmeasuring renovation glass for a churchmeasuring a dome for glass


Testimonials of Proliner users

Hora ship window manufacturer   Hora Scheepsramen - The Netherlands
"The Proliner is the best solution for measuring openings but also for making digital templates from molds that customers send to us." Read more...
   Alpha Glass - United Kingdom 
"I have worked with someone who made a Proliner measurement for me and I was very pleased with the end-result and how every glass piece fitted in its place. That is why I am at Prodim for my Proliner training, so I can start working with it myself." Read more...
  Glass Expert - Romania
Templating at Glass Expert is done using traditional methods. After seeing the Proliner in action Glass Expert decided to go digital and invest in a Proliner. Read more...