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Prodim: Stone industry user experiences and references

Lamont Stone - Northern Ireland

Lamont Stone is a Proliner user since 2010. Gerald and Andrew are happy to share their experiences about Darby’s restaurant project and working with the Proliner.

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Milas Naturstein - Germany

Fatih: “The Proliner provides precise digital measuring results in a blink of an eye and besides that, the device is really easy to use!”

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Zaun Welt - Germany

Uwe: “With the Proliner there are no complications; it is simple to use and allows us to digital template in an efficient way.”

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Horn Bordplader - Denmark

Claus, Jan, Per and Søren: “The precision level during the measurements is very accurate and we are be able to fulfil our customer’s expectations because they are very high in the Danish market.”

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McMonagle Marble & Granite - Ireland

Brian: “Because of the Proliner we have been able to tremendously reduce our error rates and we doubled our production figures. The third Proliner will improve these rates even more!”

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RJ Montering - Denmark

Owner Ruben: “With the Proliner you do not need to have a specific software and you can process the measurements on-site using the embedded Proliner software.’’

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