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Prodim: Stone industry user experiences and references

Seabrook Digital Solutions Ltd - England

Mark Seabrook: “There are a variety of digital templating methods available on the market today. We use the Proliner because it is always accurate and it takes less time on site than traditional methods of templating.”

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Cardiff Marble - United Kingdom

Joseph Ilse from Cardiff Marble: “we are confident that we can realize shorter project lead times and a more cost-effective production process using the full capabilities of the Proliner and Stone CT.”

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Stonerite - United Kingdom

Dan Hughes: “our production process will definitely speed up significantly by using the files created with the Proliner as direct input for our machinery.”

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Granitz S.A.S. - France

Mr. Belghiti: “the Proliner with Stone CT software offers us the complete solution we are looking for to improve our business process.”

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Marmorbetrieb Raimund Dirks - Germany

Manuela Dirks and Alexander Dirks: “the Proliner has proven its accuracy and we know the Proliner is capable of much more than measuring kitchen countertops and therefore we decided to go on a ‘refresher’ course.”

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