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Prodim: User experiences and references

My Shower Door - USA

Doug: “The Proliner proved to be the best tool for the job, since it will speed up our templating process and the accurate measurements aid in fabrication.”

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AGC Fabrication Belgium - Belgium

Stijn and Jef: “We compared different kinds of digital measuring solutions and the Proliner is definitely the best option because it offers the best speed and accuracy!”

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Patho Stone - Belgium

Thierry and Dirk explain: “The Proliner is easy to use, fast and works efficiently. The fact that the Proliner is able to measure in detail and difficult angles made us decide to invest in one.”

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Erez Marble - Israel

Samuel and David explain: “We chose the Proliner because of the good reviews from friends and colleagues in the industry and we believe it will upgrade our business.”

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On Site Boat Care - USA

Gary and Mick: “The portability and interactivity of the Proliner enables us to work from all our locations in Alabama. In short, using the Proliner will make our production process much faster!”

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Fasumi Marine - UK

Matteo, Frediano and Giorgio explain: “We want to go digital in order to speed-up our production process and the Proliner is the only adequate solution to do so.”

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