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Prodim: User experiences and references

Merlen Group - Belgium

Johan explains: “Every stone company that I know of uses the Proliner. Seeing the Proliner do things that the laser can’t, we decided to switch.”

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Vetrostone USA - USA

Gene: “The Proliner is going to be great for our company. I am impressed with the accuracy and time saving ability of the Proliner, but also excited about the portability because of my travels.”

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Franke - The Netherlands

They explain: “The Proliner is better than the alternatives and the Proliner stone package offers all we need to create digital templates for our kitchen projects.”

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Parhams - UK

Richard: “By creating the digital templates ourselves we can help the customer with the design, add manufacturing instructions and keep the quality in house, saving costs in the process.”

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Genesis Interiors - USA

Juan and Yari: “The Proliner will allow us to accurately measure our interior projects and build a database of digital templates for all our (yacht) interior customers throughout the world.”

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Hurkes - Germany

Heribert: “Proliner measurement technology enables us to measure more details and taking Proliner measurements on-site builds customer trust in the company’s professionalism.”

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