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Glaswerken Vanheertum relies on the Proliner and its precision

Glaswerken Vanheertum has been in business for over 30 years and is located in Turnhout, Belgium. They are active in the professional glass industry and specialize in glass walls and doors, renovation of existing glass, glass balustrades, custom glass and mirrors, and special projects. With the acquisition of their sister company OMD Glaswerken, they are now also active in providing glass for large new residential buildings.

Previously, all measurements were taken manually. This was cumbersome and imprecise. One of the companies that Glaswerken Vanheertum collaborates with has been using the Proliner for some time and they heard positive feedback about it. Therefore, they decided to invest in the Proliner with the Glass Templator package. They mainly use the device and software for stairs, whether or not with curved glazing. Additionally, it is used for scanning templates provided by customers.

Brett Jacobs told us: “It is very important for us to be able to rely on the measuring device. The Proliner’s results have an accuracy of 0.5 mm. You won’t find this anywhere else.”



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