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TMO Hulsel finds the solution for measuring curved openings using the Proliner

TMO Hulsel, based in Hulsel, The Netherlands, is an expert in carpentry, interior, and window frames. TMO Hulsel is involved in building, renovating, and creating unique interior pieces. With over 30 skilled employees, they combine traditional craftsmanship with modern tools to deliver exactly what the customer is looking for.

TMO Hulsel is receiving more and more orders with curved openings. In the past, they measured everything by hand, which was fine for simple linear work. But now, they had to find a measuring device that would make measuring complex surfaces easier. They became acquainted with the Proliner through online research and communication with other companies in the industry, mostly door companies. Encouraged by these positive stories, TMO Hulsel decided to invest in the Proliner. They plan to use the device for windows, window frames, kitchens, custom-made cabinets, and other interior projects. Therefore, they opted for the Proliner Furniture, Door & Window package.

David van Rijzingen told us: “In the past, it was a lot of measuring and manual work to get existing arches into an Autocad file in order to control the CNC machine, but since we have the Proliner this is much easier.”


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