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Nordecos enhances surveying and installation services with the Proliner

Nordecos AS, a company primarily engaged in surveying and assembly within Oslo and its surrounding areas, provides stone worktop measurement and installation, committed to quality, flexibility, and customer satisfaction. With expertise across various materials, they craft beautiful solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, offices, and restaurants. Nordecos’ passion for surpassing expectations and delivering fast, reliable, and innovative results has led them to recently introduce measuring and installation services with the millimetric precision of the Proliner Stone Package.

Marko Sulg, Project Manager, enthusiastically shared insights into their plans involving the Proliner:

“After a decade of manual measurements, it’s time for us to embrace digital technology now. Over the past few years, more and more project complexities have required higher precision. While initially considering a laser, practical considerations and recommendations from colleagues led us to opt for the Proliner. With its speed and ability to tackle intricate tasks seamlessly, we’re looking forward to the upcoming projects where we’ll utilize our Proliner.”

Marko concluded: “Previously, a basic kitchen measurement would consume two hours of manual effort. Now, it’s merely a matter of minutes. Nordecos has long been a front-runner for measurement and installation services in the Estonian and Norwegian markets. Now, with the integration of our Proliner, the results are truly remarkable, empowering us to tackle any project with confidence. Our stone producers and architectural partners can only share in our excitement!”


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