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NuWave Composites is cutting down on time and effort with the Proliner

NuWave Composites, located in Ruskin, Florida, has over 15 years of combined experience in the marine industry, assisting large boat manufacturers with their parts and tooling needs. They take pride in their ability to efficiently turn around projects while ensuring maximum quality. Due to the complex nature of their projects, working with the Proliner Generic Marine Package has enabled them to work faster and more intuitively.

Bryan Torres, the company’s Manager, shared more about the project pictured above:

“One of the services we offer our clients when a detailed plan of their boats is not established is core-kit development and supply through Proliner 3D scanning and reverse engineering. These core kits, CNC-cut and delivered, save labor and production time by removing manual labor through repeatability.”

As their specific niche includes various marine projects, they are proud to showcase several accomplishments, primarily focused on boat decking, but also encompassing hatches and boat profiles. Another recent project they completed was the development of puzzle-fit stringer kits. In the video that can be viewed below, Bryan shared: “Here, we are scanning a stringer mold to develop puzzle-fit stringer kits. The advantage of these puzzle-fit stringer kits is that they drop right in and can be glassed directly to the hull. This provides labor savings and frees up shop space, as stringer molds are unnecessary. Post-foam filling is also eliminated.”

Since integrating the Proliner into their workflow, NuWave Composites has experienced heightened efficiency and accuracy in project execution, empowering them to meet tight deadlines confidently.

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