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Timmerfabriek Wegro is crafting excellence with the Proliner

Timmerfabriek Wegro is a joinery factory that was started in 2005 and is now located in Stadskanaal, the Netherlands. It specializes in windows, doors, and frames. Since 2018, the joinery has had two innovative machining centers at its disposal, enabling faster and more efficient production. As a result, the joinery can also produce very special staircases, arched window frames, and other wooden specialties. The combination of employees with traditional expertise, and the innovative high-tech machining centers, ensures that no ‘wooden’ challenge is too big for the joinery.

Jaap Wessels, the director-owner, explains why he chose the Proliner with the Furniture, Door & Window package: “We have a 95% CNC-controlled production. For the past 1,5 to 2 years, we have focused more on renovation (80% renovation, 20% new products). This is where the Proliner fits in perfectly. In the past, we always measured manually. We saw a college carpentry manufacturer in the industry measuring digitally with the Proliner. This method is much more precise and requires less time and effort. We send documents directly to the CNC-machine without any issues. By using the Proliner, we are sure that the measurements are correct and that everything fits perfectly. Before, with manual measuring, we often had to make adjustments on-site. That time is now over.”


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