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BN Brühler Naturstein modernises with the help of the Proliner

Founded in 1981 and based in Brühl, Germany, BN Brühler Naturstein offers natural stone from around the world, along with quartz stone and large ceramics from leading makers. They handle most of their production and processing themselves, which keeps them independent. They care a lot about sustainability. Whenever they can, they offer European options instead of stones from faraway places. If that’s not possible, they pick suppliers who are checked by Fair Stone e.V. for fair practices.

BN Brühler Naturstein was looking for a way to modernise, save time and make fewer mistakes. They heard about the Proliner from other stone companies, which shared their experiences and feedback. As a result, BN Brühler Naturstein chose the Proliner Stone Interior Advanced package. They look forward to making even more kitchens, baths and stairs with digital measuring and processing using the Proliner.

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