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With the Proliner, Nettuno Marine Equipment advances both technologically and in terms of production processes

Nettuno Marine Equipment was founded in 1970 in Torre del Greco (Naples) by owner Gennaro Garofalo, who was passionate about the sea and tailoring. Initially focused on interior upholstery and curtains, Nettuno Marine Equipment soon added marine upholstery and boat hoods to their products.

In 2000, the company relocated to Pesaro, and in 2006, Gennaro’s son Raffaele joined the company. This moment marked the beginning of a new era: the union between craftsmanship and technological advancement. Their core values of quality, craftsmanship, and innovation led them to add the Proliner Canvas Package to their Production and Technology processes.

Mr. Raffaele Garofalo shared more about one of their most recent projects:

“This project involved the construction of a PVC cover for a dinghy (a small boat used as a tender and often carried or towed by a larger vessel). We used the Proliner to survey the lines of interest of the boat, so we could design a cover that followed its exact shapes/dimensions. After the measurement was taken, the lines were “cleaned” in the Rhinoceros software, and the surfaces were created and developed in 2D.

“We then sent the drawing to our CNC machine for fabric cutting. After the automatic cutting, we moved on to the sewing stage and finally to the assembly. Without the Proliner, we would have had to create the shape using plastic sheets manually and then cut the fabric again once back in the office. It would have taken us much longer to obtain work that was certainly less precise.”

Raffaele concluded: “The Proliner’s digital measurement technology has enabled us to reduce costs, working times, and errors. Through the Proliner, we have made progress both technologically and in terms of production processes.”


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