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Naturstein Lohmann: “The cumbersome production of manual templates will no longer be a concern for our customers.”

Naturstein Lohmann, from Herne, Germany, has delivered tailor-made solutions for their customers’ needs, and interests for the last decades. They specialize in natural stone and have been processing this raw material for several years, offering a diverse selection of large-format natural stone slabs such as marble, granite, slate, etc. Keeping their high-quality standards in mind, they decided to go for the Proliner Stone package and Prodim Factory Draw software to have a complete flow in their office and fieldwork. Mr. Lohmann was proud to share their results with us:

“The cumbersome production of manual templates will no longer be a concern for our customers. The Proliner has helped us in this sense. We use it several times per week and the results are amazing. Our favorite quality of the Proliner is the ease of knowing that our measurements are 100% accurate. We use the Factory Draw Software for our projects, and its simplicity helps us a lot with the quality we want to deliver to our customers.”

He added, “Before we had the Proliner we were not able to accept difficult projects with many roundings. With the Proliner we can measure everything without any problem or fear. Regardless of the complexity and uniqueness of the structure in question, we can quickly and easily measure and digitize stairs, kitchen worktops, fireplaces, bathrooms, and swimming pool covers. ”


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