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Marble Design Studio: “The Proliner leaves nothing to chance!”

Having as their life motto “the perfect house is like a perfect person”, Marble Design Studio, from London, UK, is a British company founded in 2021, in the design and installation field. Tony Henriques, experienced in the stone industry, launched Southern Stone in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2010, while at the same time Igor Rogerio launched Rogerio Properties, a property development in the commercial space.
Having in common a passion for design and a shared background in construction, the two decided to relocate to London and establish Marble Design Studio Ltd, in 2021.
Using the finest marble, natural stones, and engineered stones from all over the world. including quartz, marble, granite, limestone, porcelain, and ceramic, Marble Design Studio specializes in bespoke interiors such as bathrooms, kitchen worktops, fireplaces, and stairs, to meet all customers’ needs and requirements and bring luxury into their homes!
Knowing already the Proliner and having used it in the past, Marble Design Studio decided to invest in the Proliner Stone Package, and the Factory Draw Advance as software, to speed up the process of their projects.

Tony proudly tells us about their experience: “The Proliner leaves nothing to chance! It has proven to be the most accurate, reliable, efficient, and flexible digital templating solution for us! We use it 3 times a week for vanity tops and curved reception worktops. Best purchase we have made in years!”


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