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NC Doors: “Our doors can be installed in a fraction of the usual time – and with none of the on-site carpentry and cleanup costs involved in!”

NC Doors is an Australian family-owned and -operated company in Wauchope, on the Mid-North Coast. Founded in 2002, NC Doors has established a solid reputation for its innovative use of digital technology in measuring, designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality, custom-made timber doors and door frames. They have successfully completed hundreds of major projects for government, commercial and private sector clients in metropolitan and regional areas of NSW, Victoria, and Queensland and were a Regional Finalist in the NSW Business Chamber business awards in 2018. NC Doors’ product range embraces the full spectrum of commercial doors, including fire doors, security doors, non-standard oversized doors, pivot doors, and energy-efficient doors, as well as decorative entry doors and internal feature doors for both the commercial and residential markets. They decided to invest in the Proliner Door pro package and Barry told about his experience:

“Key to NC Doors’ success has been the company’s ability to supply bespoke doors precisely shaped and sized to fit its frame. Using the Proliner’s unique digital templating technology, hinge plate rebates and handle and lock cutouts are removed. This enables the company to supply doors painted or stained and fitted with hardware – even pre-fitted in its door frame. Our doors can be installed in a fraction of the usual time – and with none of the on-site carpentry and cleanup costs involved in. They also arrive ready to hang in minutes, not hours. Firstly our technician measures each frame – in just two minutes – with the Proliner to create highly accurate digital drawings of each door. These digital files are then transferred to a computer-driven production program. Meanwhile, our team of timber craftsmen fabricates the door panels using high-quality raw materials. This high level of customization allows our clients to make significant savings in door procurement, accelerate project completion times and cut installation costs by up to two-thirds. It is amazing how the Proliner Doors pro package helps us save time and reduce labor costs!”


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