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Visschers Timmerwerken: “With the Proliner Furniture, Doors and Windows we can install products with a flawless finish!”

 Visschers Timmerwerken, from Montfort, in the Netherlands, is specialized in the production and installation of Doors and Windows in wood or plastic. They also have many accessories such as (security) door fittings, custom screens, skirting boards, door frames, and architraves. They went for the  Proliner Furniture, Doors and Windows package and Maurice tells how is working with the Proliner:
“Some time ago we decided to invest in the Proliner. Its features help us digitize and organize project measurement data, making the templating process from measuring to production very easy and efficient. Templating with the Proliner is fast, easy, accurate, and allows us to install products with a flawless finish!


Visschers Timmerwerken Website

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Below you can see some pics from a project of interior doors in an industrial but still warm and homely style tailor-made by Visschers Timmerwerken:


Prodim - Proliner -user - Visschers Timmerwerken - door 1 Prodim - Proliner -user- Visschers Timmerwerken - door 2