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Granity Dolnośląskie: “Proliner’s editing tools work preciously!”

Granity Dolnośląskie, from Strzegom, in Poland, is a company that assembles all-natural stone elements such as granite, marble, onyx, conglomerate, slate, and sandstone. They install terraces, stairs, floors, fences, paving stones, kitchen and bathroom countertops, window sills, fireplaces, and much more. They went for the Proliner Stone package and Pawel Ignaszewski was very enthusiastic about sharing his experience:

“I had never worked with a device like the Proliner in my life, and after the training sessions, I am getting better and better. Before, I used to measure everything by hand. I would make many mistakes when I would go home and edit. Now I am using the Proliner with no mistakes. What I like about the Proliner most are the editing tools. I edit everything on-site: connect the points, create lines, 2D and 3D preview. These tools work preciously!”


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