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Hollweg Marine is going green with the Proliner and their service bikes from Radwelt Emsland

Hollweg Marine is a company from Papenburg, in Germany, that develops systems solutions for many areas of the maritime industry. In addition to new builds of ships and yachts all over the world, they also support shipping companies and yacht owners with the refit of complete areas. They decided to go for the Proliner and shared their experience:

“Thanks to our digital measurement service made with the Proliner, we can determine the dimensions available on board in order to guarantee an absolutely perfect fit. This saves an enormous amount of time during the subsequent assembly. Regardless of whether we are doing deck coverings or complete counter systems, with our Proliner even complex systems can be measured in the shortest possible time!”

Having sustainability as one of their main values, they also decided to deliver their services in an ever faster, lighter and environmentally friendly way; with personalized service bicycles from Radwelt Emsland. The company, which is also based in Papenburg, Germany, provides from the first balance bike for kids to e-bikes.

As you can see in the photo collage, the Proliner is being ”brought to the water”  by Hollweg Marine in a Riese & Müller-Load 60 Touring bicycle from Radwelt. It can’t get greener than that!

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