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360 Frameless: “Every glass company should look to invest in the Proliner!”


360 Frameless, from Johannesburg, South Africa, is a company that provides turnkey service for specialized frameless glass products, such as frameless showers, balustrades, entrances, structural enclosures, shop fronts, wine cellars, handrails, splashbacks, and complex architectural designs. They have invested in the Proliner Glass package and Stanley tells more about:

“Since we bought our first Proliner in 2013 we have never looked back! Every glass company should look to invest in one of these machines. With the right technical person doing the measurements, the Proliner enables us to cut back on lead times, do complicated measurements in less than a quarter of the time it usually takes, and gives you peace of mind in our ability and capability. Daunting jobs like spider-wall facades & curved staircases become mundane, easy, and fast to measure, draw and order. We cannot imagine not using our Proliner in everyday measurements.”

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