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Glas Vandoren: “The Proliner allows Glas Vandoren to work with precision, fast and digital!”

Glas Vandoren, from Werchter, in Belgium, is a company with 3 generations of craftsmanship experience and is specialized in the fabrication of glass doors, glass walls, custom shower walls, mirrors, glass railings, and also customized projects for private and professional projects. Recently they have invested in the Proliner Glass package.

Kim from Glas Vandoren: “Customized work is our standard and accuracy is extremely important for our daily activities. Since we have the Proliner, we don’t make any more mistakes during our measurements, even with the most difficult projects. And the most important: now we can have all the files digitally saved and we don’t need to write anything down from scratch anymore! We proudly say the Proliner allows us to work with precision, fast and digital!”

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