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Nauteck Flooring: “The Proliner allows us to measure at any time and location without struggles!”

Nauteck Flooring, located in the Netherlands (Gelderland), is a company – with years of experience- specializing in the production of custom-made decking (EVA foam floors) for the marine industry. Having quality and customer satisfaction as high standards in his company, Sjoerd is very happy in investing in the Proliner Decking package:

“Measuring and digitizing became considerably faster and easier with the Proliner. It allows us to measure at any time and location: the customer does not need to come to us with the boat; we can go to the customer and measure on-site. We can also have accurate digital templates available within a short period of time. In addition to that, this most advanced method of digital templating saves material costs and prevents measurements errors. Digital templates can be directly sent to the production department and they can get exactly what they need faster than before, making the process much smoother and precise. Moreover, the Proliner can be easily integrated with other systems such as CNC machines without any struggles. In the end, the customer will notice the high level of quality and will be extremely satisfied when seeing his project becoming reality.”

He concluded: “The support Prodim gives is really convenient, nice, and informal. We are very satisfied with the contact before, during, and after the sales process!”

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